Types of Baseball Glove Leather

Leather Grades used in Baseball & Softball Gloves:

Buffalo Skin:
Buffalo skin is said to be tougher and lighter than a full grain steer hide, but breaks in just as easily.

Full Grain Leather:
"Full-Grain" leather is steer hide or cow hide leather on which the natural grain remains. Gloves made of full grain leather tend to be stiffer and heavier than other types, and require longer break-in times. These leathers are rarely pre-oiled. Once broken in, full grain leather gloves are superior in both performance and durability.

Kip Leather:
Kip leather is soft and luxurious cowhide used by the best baseball glove manufacturing companies in the world. Kip leather tends to be lighter in weight as compared to cowhide. This makes it a perferred material for high-end baseball gloves where quick hands are key. 

Leather or Cow Hide:
"Leather" means cow hide, usually medium weight, but sometimes heavier. Cow hide performs well, and will break in faster, but also wear out faster than steer hide. Usually this grade will come "pre-oiled" to reduce break-in time. Cow hide is generally the best all-around glove for youth players.

Premium Steer Hide:
Steer hide, is stronger than cow hide. Gloves made of this leather tend to be stiff and somewhat heavy, with longer break-in periods.